Free furnished rental apartments in Espoo

Did you know that hotel accommodation is not the only one, and certainly not always the best option for fixed-term living outside the home. For example, if your work is very mobile or your company needs accommodation for your employees in different locations, you should definitely consider renting a furnished rental apartment. A short-term furnished rental apartment is more flexible than the hotel – and often also more affordable. We offer furnished rental apartments in several locations in Finland.

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    Rent a short-term apartment in Espoo

    A short-term apartment in Espoo, furnished, can be rented for holiday. A more free and flexible form of accommodation allows you to live on the go. You can cook, invite guests and get more privacy in your rental apartment. There is definitely an alternative to moving with your family. Short-term furnished rental apartments can be used, for example, if you want to try living in Espoo, but are not yet entirely sure of a permanent change. Espoo’s free furnished rental apartments can be found on our website.

    You can find all our free rental apartments at once

    The use of previously furnished rental apartments has been hampered by the fact that the tenant has to search for several websites and service providers to find a suitable apartment. We have made searching and assembled all the free furnished rental apartments in the community on one site, organized by location. For example, espoo’s free short-term furnished rental apartments can be found on our website one click away. It is as easy to rent a short-term apartment through our website as it is to buy a hotel night, but with increased flexibility. The situation of the rental apartments is updated every 24 hours, so you can monitor the housing situation in the destination location on a daily basis.

    Furnished apartments for your needs in connection with espoo’s transport links

    The metropolitan area’s extensive transport links allow the mountaining of short-term dwellings from outside the city centre. For example, commuter trains and buses run very frequently between Helsinki and Espoo. In addition, it is easier to find a place outside the city centre for a car or other means of transport. Renting a furnished apartment in Espoo is really as easy as buying a hotel night, but it guarantees much more free and flexible accommodation. Check out espoo’s housing selection on our website!

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