Free furnished rentals in Vantaa

Is your life moving because of work or hobbies? Do the walls of the hotel rooms fall over on your trips? Fortunately, there is also a more flexible accommodation option available. Furnished rental apartments are available in Vantaa and around Finland in different locations – also for short-term needs. Our short-term furnished apartments in Vantaa also serve as accommodation for more than one person, and in this case they often get cheaper than each of our own hotels. There is a wide range of short-term and furnished rental apartments for both one or more people’s accommodation needs for both weekend trips and longer-term rental.

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    Rent a short-term apartment in Vantaa

    Would you rather cook on your own work or holiday trips? The homely form of housing for the furnished apartment makes it possible to do so and many other things that the hotel cannot get used to very often. Renting a short-term furnished rental apartment is like a hotel accommodation, but with increased flexibility, space and freedom. You will receive your own keys for your rental apartment during your stay and for the use of an entire apartment instead of one room. Make a reservation and get the keys to your furnished apartment easily and quickly.

    You can find all our free rental apartments at once

    Finding short-term furnished apartments nowadays is much easier than before. In our service you will find all free furnished rentals in Vantaa and other locations in one place at once. This way, it doesn’t take time to browse different service providers and websites. The situation of the free apartments is updated every 24 hours, so if the apartment was not found last time, it is worth checking again if a suitable apartment were now available. Check the situation of vantaa, as well as the rest of the helsinki metropolitan area’s short-term furnished rental apartments today.

    Vantaa furnished apartments with transport access to your needs

    The metropolitan area’s extensive access network allows you to rent a short-term apartment outside the city centre. This way you can get a more peaceful place for your holiday or work. Good bus and commuter train connections allow you to rent a short-term apartment in Vantaa, even if the possible work is in Helsinki or Espoo, for example. Why not spend a holiday or a job in an entire apartment instead of one room on your next trip?


    Does it sound too good to be true or did you have questions about renting a short-term furnished rental apartment? We encourage you to contact us either by email or by phone 044 0880567, and we will be happy to tell you more about our service and answer any questions you may have. Contact information can be found on our website.