Furniture rentals in Vaasa

When you are looking for a pre-furnished rental apartment in Vaasa, you will find well-equipped rental apartments in our wide range of rental apartments, which are located in central locations. Our high-quality apartments are suitable for gig workers, or for families who have escaped renovation or water damage, for example. Among the pre-furnished units and larger apartments you will find a temporary home to suit your needs. Business accommodation challenges are also solved by contacting us. Furnished rental apartments have many advantages. When all the appliances and furniture are already in the apartment, work, studying and other everyday life are immediately going on, and in a comfortable setting it is easy to relax during leisure.

We serve the tenant of a short-term apartment in Vaasa

Short-term apartments in Vaasa can be needed, for example, for a week-long job or a couple of months of renovation. The posting can bring you to Vaasa for the whole year, or for a longer period of time. The easiest way to move to a new apartment is when you don’t have to pack and carry moving boxes. We offer a pre-furnished apartment that you move to without stressful arrangements that normally involve the exchange of dwellings. When it’s time to return to a permanent residence, you don’t have to worry about how many months you had a notice period, or how to carry a washing machine and wardrobe to your moving truck.

Our free rental apartments are easily accessible

You can compare all our available apartments in Vaasa on our website. It’s easy when you don’t have to jump on a different website, but all apartments are presented on the same reliable provider’s website. You can see without difficulty the size of rental apartments in Vaasa at that moment. When you find an apartment near your new workplace, or an apartment that best caters to your family’s needs, please contact us. We have made short-term rental easy and smooth!

Our furnished apartments in Vaasa are located on excellent transport connections

Our rental apartments in Vaasa have been chosen so that they are not only very functional and comfortable, but also have an excellent location. This is how we serve the widest possible customer base, for which we enable a homelike setting for all kinds of short-term living! As in the hotel, you only pay for the time spent in the apartment, but renting a furnished rental apartment is different from staying in many respects.

Learn more on your phone or email

Did you have any questions? Please contact us by e-mail or phone +358 44 0880567 and we will tell you more about the profitability of renting furnished rental apartments and the flexibility of renting.