Free furnished rentals in Tampere

Do you spend different lengths of time in several places, for example, at work? Or maybe your company has gig-like jobs all over Finland, so your company needs nights for your employees? Hotel accommodation is not the only one, and certainly not always the best option for such needs. The benefits of a furnished apartment may include location, privacy, ease of use and price. We offer a wide range of furnished rental apartments for different lengths of accommodation.

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    Rent a short-term apartment in Tampere

    You can rent a short-term apartment in Tampere with furniture for a summer holiday. The home-made form of living allows you to do many things that you often cannot accomplish in the hotel, such as cooking, more privacy, inviting guests and sometimes even in your own yard and care. It is possible to move to a short-term apartment with the whole family if, although one of the parents has a fixed-term employment relationship with the locality, but the family does not want to move permanently. If you want to move to Tampere for a limited time, look also at the offer of furnished rental apartments.

    You can find all our free rental apartments at once

    The search for furnished rental apartments is greatly facilitated if the free dwellings are found in one place at once, and you don’t have to waste time on many service providers. This is how works. There, free furnished rental apartments are listed by locality in several locations around Finland. Free apartments are updated every 24 hours, so you can monitor the situation of furnished rental apartments in different locations every day. Just click on the destination location on the site and find out which apartment would suit you best.

    Furnished apartments for your needs with tampere transport

    Short-term rental apartments can be found in Tampere, very close to transport connections. It may not always be preferable to live in the heart of the city, where most of the hotels are located, where a furnished rental apartment, for example, at the end of a bus connection is a great solution. Renting a furnished apartment is as easy as buying a hotel night, but with increased flexibility and freedom. In a short-term rental relationship, you do not need to be tied to one room, but you will have access to an entire apartment.


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