Rent a furnished rental apartment in Oulu

A good pre-furnished rental apartment is one that is well located is comfortable and which has been paid attention to. Such well-equipped and functional rental apartments in Oulu are found in us! We offer efficient solutions for the temporary accommodation needs of all corporate and private customers, but our apartments are so comfortable that they will last longer. It is easy to change the pre-furnished rental apartments and can be easily accessed from normal everyday life. If you wish, laundry service and cleaning can be outsourced to our partner network, where you can also find help renting a car.

Our short-term rental apartments in Oulu are already furnished

The need to rent a short-term apartment may be one week, but it may as well take a year and a half. In the meantime you will receive a functional, comfortable and affordable base from us. Renting a furnished apartment is a good decision, because carrying goods from an old home or picking everything you need to empty an empty apartment is expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Moving to a tastefully decorated and well-equipped apartment in Oulu is easy. Wherever you take your assignments in Finland, you will find the best solutions for temporary housing from us.

Our free rental apartments are easily compared on our website

On our website we present all our furnished rental apartments in Oulu, which are currently free for your or your company’s needs. The apartment is the right size, then you can choose the apartment that best matches the other criteria. You’ve moved in before you know it, as all practical arrangements are handled quickly. You will find that we have invested in the smooth running and flexibility of our services as part of an excellent customer experience.

Our furnished rental apartments are located within transport connections in Oulu

Because our apartments need to serve as wide a customer base as possible, they are purchased along well-functioning transport connections and are furnished and equipped in the most effective ways. We enable you or your team to provide a functional framework for all temporary living in Oulu. The rent is paid as in the hotel, i.e. only for those days when you live in the apartment, but otherwise the temporary rent of the furnished apartment is much more flexible and free.

For answers to your questions, contact

Maybe you’re renting a furnished rental apartment for the first time, or would you like to inquire about something else related to renting? Please contact us by email or by phone 044 0880567and we will answer your questions.