Furnished rentals in Kerava

Are you moving short-term for, for example, work, hobbies or other reasons for Kerava, but don’t want to rent an empty apartment or spend time in an expensive hotel? Rent a furnished apartment in Kerava and spend your time in the Helsinki metropolitan area comfortably, cheaply and effortlessly. The furnished apartment is cozy, comfortable and easy solution when you need temporary accommodation for a little longer.

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    Apartment in Kerava

    Kerava is a great location for a person coming to work in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The price level is cheaper than, for example, helsinki, the transport connections are good and Kerava is conveniently located outside the hustle and bustle of the capital. So if you need a furnished rental apartment in the Helsinki metropolitan area but don’t want to be in Helsinki or Espoo, Kerava is a good option for you!

    We provide you with fast and high-quality service, as we know how busy finding an apartment can be. So don’t doubt contact us if you need help finding a furnished apartment!

    Why a furnished rental apartment?

    Furnished rental apartment is a very good and easy option especially if you are in the community for some weeks or months. You don’t have to worry about furniture, but you still get the right home instead of a dreed hotel room. A furnished apartment can also be a much cheaper option, especially if you spend longer in the community. You also have much more space and privacy when you choose to take care of a furnished apartment or, say, an AirBnB apartment rented by you.