Furnished rentals in Järvenpää

Do you know a job in Järvenpää, do you need a temporary home, for example during renovation, or do you need a rental apartment in Järvenpää for some other reason? We have a large selection of furnished apartments in Järvenpää for a very wide range of needs, depending on the size of the apartment and the rental period. Our small organization enables very quick response even in the most urgent situations when there is a need for a furnished apartment quickly.

Contact us to find out more about our vacant apartments! You can also leave a callback request under neath, and we’ll contact you as quickly as possible – when you rarely want to wait.

    Furnished apartment instead of hotel?

    Hotels can be quite expensive as well as dreary options for long-term accommodation. A few nights will certainly go conveniently in the hotel, but when it comes to weeks or even months, a furnished rental apartment is a much nicer option. You get a real temporary home that also feels cozy and not just an emergency solution. We take good care of our furnished apartments and want to make sure that you enjoy your apartment as well as possible.

    From Järvenpää to work in the Helsinki metropolitan area

    Are you coming to work in the Helsinki metropolitan area or southern Finland, but you may not want to live in espoo or helsinki? Järvenpää is also a great option for a longer period of time, for example for posting. From Järvenpää you can get to the centre of Helsinki or the rest of the surrounding areas by direct commuter train and you can easily get to work on a tolerable business trip. Apartments in Järvenpää are cheaper than the Helsinki metropolitan area and you can find a great alternative in our furnished apartments!