Free furnished rentals in Helsinki

Do you lead mobile life in different communities, for example, for work? You don’t always have to resort to hotel accommodation, but there’s also a more flexible and freer option. We offer furnished rental apartments for different lengths in Helsinki and many other locations in Finland. The furnished rental apartments also work for the company’s needs, where accommodation is needed for more people. From a wide range of furnished apartments you will find an alternative to your accommodation needs.

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    Rent a short-term apartment in Helsinki

    The home-like form of living makes it possible to do many things that the hotel is often unable to implement. This is why renting a short-term furnished apartment is a great solution. You can cook, invite guests and get your own keys to your apartment while you live in your rental apartment. Short-term rental apartment is a more flexible option than a hotel stay. It is also possible to move to a short-term apartment with a spouse or even the whole family if you want to move, but do not want to settle permanently in a new city. Just get the keys and settle in your pre-furnished apartment for a limited period of time.

    You can find all our free rental apartments at once

    The search for furnished rental apartments is made difficult a lot if you have to browse several websites and service providers. To facilitate the search for our service, you will find free furnished rental apartments in different locations in one place at the same time. On the site you will find all furnished rental apartments broken down by local area. Free apartments are updated every 24 hours, so you can monitor the situation of the free housing in the localities every day. Click on the destination location on the site and explore if you have a free furnished rental apartment for your accommodation needs.

    Helsinki furnished apartments with transport access to your needs

    It is not difficult to find a short-term rental apartment in Helsinki close to well-functioning transport links. The extensive metro, bus and tram network allows you to rent an apartment outside the city centre, where most hotels are located. Renting a furnished apartment is as easy as staying at a hotel, but a much more flexible and freer solution. I’m sure many of us would rather spend our holiday or business trip in a whole apartment instead of one hotel room.


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