Furnished rentals in Hamina

Are you moving to Hamina or the Hamina region for a little shorter time, for example because of work or hobbies? A furnished apartment in Hamina is a great choice, especially if you don’t want to spend that time in a cramped and expensive hotel room but want to feel your own home. Through us you will find suitable furnished apartments for both short and long-term rental and a wide range of needs.

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    Hamina is the pearl of Kymenlaakso

    As a beautiful seaside town, Hamina is sure to be a pleasant place for a business trip or a commute, for example. And many of the army’s visits have eccentric memories of Hamina, if they were headed for the Reserve Officer School. All in all, Hamina is a great destination for both shorter and longer visits, regardless of the reason for the visit.

    Furnished rental apartment or hotel room?

    However, if you come to stay in the city for weeks or even months, you should consider renting a furnished apartment instead of a hotel room, for example. In a furnished apartment, you are literally at home and have plenty of space and privacy at your disposal. For many of our customers, especially privacy and our own peace after a working day is an important thing that is realized in a furnished rental apartment like a home. And after all, the rental apartment is for your home during your stay, whether it be two weeks or even a year.